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Make maps , worker's design containing and the mould
Heating furnace of intermediate frequency ˇˇ
250KW Management of heating temperature

Forging press
ˇ« Ton of various kinds of pressing machines
Mould factoryˇˇ
Various kinds of machinery of mould turning

Simple and easy measure apparatus of size three-dimension
Size of forging the product is determined
Metal microscope
Inspection of metal organization of the material

  We produce machinery and use the spare part, the tool and building goods, materials and equipments use the forging product of the products. Speak and produce the carbon steel of general structure , the forging product of special alloy steel and other steel material in extensive range from the material . In addition, high-frequency quenching, soak the carbon to quench, adjusting such heat treatment products as the quality ,etc. can also be produced.
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