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   Taizhou of Zhejiang Province forges the Industrial Co., Ltd. quickly and precisely intelligently, it is the speciality that forges the automobile, motorcycle , engineering machinery , agriculture of industry (copper forging , aluminium forging ) and tool medium and small-scale complicated part forge and press the shareholding system cooperative enterprise of one accurately. Is it produce medium and small-scale steel accurate mould forging ton of productivities per year to possess already now, producing 10 million forgings per year, about 5000 tons, it is Taizhou that forges the leading enterprise of the trade. It establish company last Taizhou city way bridge district peak river town industrial area of ten copies at 1988 (forging and pressing factory not accurate , friend of country , not former ) (104 national road ), cover an area of 4000 square meters, with a construction area of 2000 square meters, 5 kilometers from company to bridge airport of the way, close to the urban area, the geographical position is superior , the traffic condition is convenient. Company have 1000T , 630T rub press production line rub against 400T , 300T the production line of the press amount to 5, have electric pulse , resistance furnace , 250kw intermediate frequency electric stove , hardness machine , magnetism powder flaw detection plane , throw balls of cold and hot to is it process equipment to measure machine ,etc., have complete metallography analysis , material chemical analysis and forging physics checkout facility, the forging , mould make CAD/CAM to design , make auxiliarily , the manufacturing engineering of the mould is advanced, work out and forge the technological process of quality control , the craft card. Company allocate high , intermediate technician of title for technical personnel and examine personnel 20 people, keen-witted and capable leading collective setting up economical operation of the market of adapting to. The company developed the automobile rear axle spiral awl gear wheel in 2001 (basin tooth), it is qualified to be examined and tested by the gear wheel general factory of Zhejiang, this product comes out, will become and forge the new development since the dawn of human civilization, it will analyse and explain and forge the difficult problem , fill in and forge the circle blank. The company establishes the system of file quality according to ISO9001:2000 standard on the basis of pursueing quality control in an all-round way, and through authentication , so as to offer the reliable quality assurance to all customers, realize the quality policy that the company " tempers the high-quality fine works , meets users wholeheartedly ". Advanced technology, high- quality products, high-efficient management, good prestige and sincere service, have earned the customer and market for company. Automobile motorcycle forging and domestic Qiantang River motor , five sheep Honda , gold city motor , Xiamen tall building that the company produces are new, Shenyang golden cup, the First Automobile Factory of China of China, Shanghai Volkswagen, Japan looses the company small, worker's mechanical company of brilliance of the rising sun of peaceful skin of Sino-Japanese joint-venture, mechanical company of Great Britain of brilliance of the rising sun of Wuxi, permanent bright automobile fitting of Zhenjiang of Jiangsu, Jiangsu dose rotate general factory , red day such as Liaoyang , Company of axle and gear wheel of Zhejiang, red mountain Company , Cheng Peng Company ,etc. big group , big company form a complete set in batches, have also opened and avoided the international market, export to U.S.A. , Japan in batches , kiss and look at deeply by the user. The company wishes to cooperate sincerely with domestic and international customer with the high-quality products and sincere service, open up the market , create brilliance altogether.
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